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PermaGov aims to improve the implementation and performance of EU marine policies to reach the goals set in the EU Green Deal by identifying critical institutional barriers to effective policy implementation, proposing opportunities to enhance the vertical and horizontal coherence of EU marine policies. The project will co-develop and apply this assessment framework to plan the implementation of innovative Multi-layered Collaborative Marine Governance Strategies, aimed at improving the capabilities of actors to implement EU marine policies across four themes: marine energy, maritime transport, marine life and marine litter. The project is coordinated by Wageningen University with 14 partners across Europe, including Queen's University Belfast. The work involved in PermaGov will include assessing EU policies and the European EU Green Deal in relation to marine governance; providing a detailed overview of the current multi-layered marine governance arrangements within each of the project’s case studies; identifying and assessing institutional barriers of EU marine governance; and assessing the governance performance of marine governance arrangements


For more information about the PermaGov project, contact Dr. Wesley Flannery (

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