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Marine Spatial Planning in Regional Ocean Areas - Trends and Lesson Learned

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A new book chapter has been published in the upcoming Ocean Yearbook (Vol. 36), with MSSRG members Ben McAteer, Wesley Flannery and Jane Clarke contributing as co-authors. The chapter, titled 'Marine Spatial Planning in Regional Ocean Areas: Trends and Lessons Learned', is a collaborative effort from an international cohort of researchers. It explains how Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), despite its broad and growing acceptance and use, is hindered by several key challenges that are negatively impacting the realization of its potential. Although studies have examined the emergence of MSP in different geographical and institutional contexts, there is a lack of comparative analysis of how initiatives are progressing and if the foundational aims of MSP are being achieved.

By analyzing the legislative arrangements, objectives, implementation and evaluation processes, and the initial impact of MSP across 12 regional areas, this chapter corrects for these limitations. The presented reviews showcase the major factors that are supporting and inhibiting its fulfilment as an integrative means of marine management. Factors revealed as being challenges common to MSP initiatives include the rationale for MSP implementation, the need for legislative backing, the material consequences of MSP and the need for evaluative feedback loops, the use and production of knowledge, and a lack of innovation. This chapter concludes by briefly outlining a range of recommendations on how MSP can evolve in more sustainable and inclusive manners over the next decade and as it spreads to other nations and regions.

To read the full Open Access chapter, click here.

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