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Review of MSP for Ireland

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Making room for new marine uses and safeguarding more traditional uses, without degrading the marine environment, will require the adoption of new integrated management strategies. To address this issue, the Irish government developed Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth – An Integrated Marine Plan (IMP). This presented a ‘roadmap’ for adopting an integrated approach to marine governance and for achieving the Government’s ambitious targets for the maritime sector. As part of this roadmap, Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth endorsed the development of an appropriate Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Framework. One way to develop an MSP Framework is to learn from early adapters. Critical assessments of key elements of MSP as implemented in early initiatives can serve to inform the development of an appropriate framework. The aim of this project, concluded in 2015, was to contribute to the development of this framework by reporting on MSP best practice relevant to Ireland.




​For more information on the Review of MSP for Ireland, please contact Dr. Wesley Flannery -

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